About me

My name’s Chandrasekar. I am a web developer from Chennai, India. I currently live with my wife in Subang Jaya, Malaysia where I work remotely as a lead front-end developer at HappyFox.

My day to day work involves design, building prototypes, a bit of product management and shipping working code to end users. I believe in building working demos/prototypes and iterating based on feedback. Having worked with small teams on building two products from scratch at HappyFox, I believe my happiest work environment is when I am working with small teams and fast feedback loops.

I like studying the history of computing and I am intrigued by the unrealized potential of personal computers in augmenting human intellect and bringing joy. There is so much left to explore and I hope to contribute in some lasting way. I am looking for ways to deepen and sharpen my technical skills in this pursuit.

My other interests are reading, listening to music, watching films and playing board games.