Hello, I am Chandrasekar — a front-end developer and interaction designer building products for the web. Originally from Chennai, India I now live and work out of Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

Welcome to my cozy home on the internet. I write ocassionally on my journal and post short musings and links as notes. You are welcome to hang out by my bookshelf which is a collection of my favorite stuff. You can write to me if you want to say hi or share a recommendation.

A few selected posts from my Journal

Computing Happiness

The first computer I met was in my school's computer lab. It was the only room in our school that was air conditioned and we were not allowed to wear our shoes inside the lab for whatever reason. To be honest, I am unable to recall my exact feeling when we were introduced to the black & white command prompt and taught to write our first program in LOGO. But I do remember feeling excited to be in the room because the lab was off limits until we were in class 4 or something. It was quiet and we were allowed to talk only in hushed tones. For me, the air conditioning was probably a bigger draw than the computers themselves.

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Clearing some cobwebs

It has been a while since I paid any attention at all to this site. My goal for this weekend is to finally remove the under construction banner and have a decent page up. This whole thing of designing in the browser is not working for me. I think I will try moving into a design tool to try some layouts before I get into code. I am also seriously considering moving to next.js from eleventy. Eleventy is great but I want a more familiar environment for data fetching etc. I am okay as long as I get to keep the posts in markdown so that I don't lose any of the content. Astro looks very interesting but it is too new and I am sure they will introduce breaking changes. So here we go. Consider this a 24 hours challenge if you will. Let us see how far I can get.

On switching to Raycast

I am a big fan of the command palette UI pattern. So much so that I am sure cmd+k in Slack, cmd+p in Sublime text, and cmd+space for Alfred are my three most used keyboard shortcuts on a daily basis. You can read more about this pattern in this nice blog post that describes it along with examples - Command Palette Interfaces

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Endless March

This year was supposed to be the year things got better. I don't want to sound all gloomy but I figured I should record my thoughts as I sit in the middle of the pandemic.

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2021 will be better

No matter how the last year treated you, this year will be better. Happy New Year!