Endless March

This year was supposed to be the year things got better. I don't want to sound all gloomy but I figured I should record my thoughts as I sit in the middle of the pandemic.
We had a second wave of the pandemic in India and this one turned out to be deadlier than the first one we had last year. As I write this, things have settled down somewhat. All the affected states imposed a lockdown which worked in bringing down the number of cases. But almost everyone I know has lost someone in their circle. I am just tired. I think that is the feeling I see everywhere around me. Everyone is just tired. Tired of monitoring the news, being on high alert, and being cooped up at home. But I'll take this any day over running between hospitals, losing a job or losing a loved one. Lot of people have not been as fortunate as I am.

I feel grateful to be in good health. For still having my closed ones safe. I hope we get through this. The echoes of this event and the disruptions it caused will be felt for a few years more. It looks like this virus is going to be amongst us for a while and we need to find different ways of living, coping and socializing. The only way we can beat it is by working together, taking care of each other and following simple precautions for the sake of others. I am sure humanity will recover from this and I hope we can use this momentum to beat the other challenges ahead of us.