Happy New Year!

Yay we are in the 20s again. I am generally optimistic about even numbered years and '2020' is a nice, easy-to-remember number. It makes me want to take some big decisions this year. Let us see how this one pans out. Happy New Year!

Weeknotes 10: Kalady

Last week was quite eventful. We went to to Kalady for my dad's 60th birthday ceremony. It is considered an auspicious occassion among Hindus in India. The couple gets to have a wedding ceremony again when the husband reaches 60 years. I know for a fact that I won't be celebrating my 60th birthday this way. But it was fun watching my parents get married again.

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Weeknotes 9: Knives Out

I just got back after watching Knives Out. I would usually take to Twitter if I wanted to gush about some movie I watched. Now that I am not on Twitter, I am resorting to writing about it here.

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Deactivating Twitter

I finally did it. I kept opening and checking my Timeline out of habit. There was always something interesting to read and watch. But I felt it was gnawing away at my attention. I will wait and see how long I last before activating it again. I need to activate it before 30 days, or I'll lose my account permanently. Maybe it is not such a bad thing. I will decide when the time is near. I don't want to regret it later on. I feel deleting Whatsapp will have a bigger impact, but the last time I tried it, I felt disconnected from everybody.

Weeknotes 8: Kerala

Last week turned out to be a week of traveling. The idea was to visit my friends in Kochi, where they were shooting their film. The trip was supposed to double up as a mini holiday. But it ended up being super hectic. Overall I got to meet my friends after a while, and that was the point. No regrets.

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