Locked out of Twitter

I lost access to my Twitter account. Some of it can be attributed to my foolishness. But a lot of it is because of how bad Twitter's systems are. From what I investigated, it looks like the email address on my account was removed ever since I deactivated and then reactivated my account earlier this year. This means I am now unable to reset my password using the usual method. I have been trying to reach them for the last month and Twitter support is virtually non-existent. I understand there is no way to provide personalized support at their scale. I am redirected to a URL saying 'No reset method available', which means someone actually saw this scenario and chose to handle it in a way that requires an email associated with your account to resolve it.

From what I see, it looks like they have recently had a high profile security breach involving their support team, which means they are not even going to look at my case anytime soon. This is the peril of using a free product. You are helpless because you have no leverage. All my tweets and interactions are now held hostage by Twitter. I am going to wait a few months before requesting the account be taken down because the person is deceased. I am not comfortable with having my account and tweets on their platform without me having access to it.

I have no appetite to create a new Twitter account right now. I neither post regularly nor do I have a following. I will focus on increasing the number of people I follow on my feed reader instead. And it's just one more case for me to start writing more regularly on this site. I might start cross posting to a new Twitter account sometime in the future. But all my writing will henceforth be first published here. I own this domain and can host it anywhere I want. And it will live for as long as I pay for the domain. In some ways, I am now liberated.